Ingjald Lodge #65 Officers for 2017

Installed Officers

From left to right Past Grand Chief & Past Chief Bill Peterson; newly installed Chief Jane Fosberg receiving the gavel from outgoing Chief Steve Worden; Vice Chief Doug Sanders; Past Grand Chief & Past Chief: Tim Fagerstrom and Past Chief Bryan Nelson

Post Cad of Ellis Island
Jane Fosberg
Past Chief:
Steve Worden
Vice Chief:
Doug Sanders
Recording Secretary:
Linda Smith
Assistant Recording Secretary:
Beth Ecklund
Financial Secretary:
Charlie Kent
Assistant Financial Secretary:
Debbie PavlocK
Betsy Lynch
Bryan Nelson
Assistant Herald:
Bob Greenwald
Outer Guard:
Tim Miller
Inner Guard:
Randy Miller
Lodge Auditors:
Beth Ecklund • Jim Chipman • Lynne Bemis
House Committee Auditors:
Bob Greenwald • Linda Smith • Wayne Nelson
Toots Porter • Bryan Nelson (Chair) • Allen E. Johnson • Bob Greenwald • Mindy Worden • Bill Peterson • Steve Kosthorst
House Committee:
Steve Worden • Jane Fosberg • Betsy Lynch • Lynn Bemis • Gary Sorenson • Doug Johnson • Marlene Sanders • Karen Carlson • Lynn Lindberg
Membership Chairs:
Orrissa Greenwald • Mindy Worden
Grand Deputy:
Bill Peterson
Temple Corporation Members:
Karen Carlson (Secretary) • Jane Fosberg (Trailer Coordinator) • Larry Bentzoni • Kevin Nelson • Steve Worden • Kurt Eckberg • Fred Bell • Doug Sanders (President) • Chris Bernhardt