Ingjald Lodge #65

Viking Lake Park slide show

Viking Lake Park.

Chief’s Message

Greetings, (JULY - AUGUST)

This is the busy season for our club and we are so glad to have everyone here! Please be thoughtful of your fellow members by picking up after yourself. There was a spring clean up in April and your fellow members worked very hard to clean the lake park and the dining room for your enjoyment. Many hands make light work so if everyone picks up after themselves we can all enjoy the beauty of the club.

Have your membership card ready to show the gate person when you arrive at the lake. All guests have to be signed in by a member and have to leave when the member leaves. We have new people working the gate and fellow members volunteering their time so please be as kind and cooperative as possible.

Greetings, (MAY - JUNE)

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the beginning of Ingjald Lodge #65. You can read about our fine club and its history on the website along with the history of the Vikings Grand Lodge. May we continue to have the best interest of this organization in view as we celebrate this milestone

There are many exciting things happening at the club. We have bands every Friday night for your enjoyment starting May 22nd. There is a listing of the bands playing at the Vikings in the newsletter and on the calendar pages of this web site. The Saturday “Bloody Mary” breakfasts are back. Mother’s Day Brunch, the Annual Sportsmens’ Raffle, Boat Club Steak Fry, Trailer Association Pancake Breakfast and Memorial Day Chicken BBQ are a few of the events that are being planned.

The Spring Fling was a big hit. Thanks to everyone that came out and had fun at the club!.

The children’s playground and picnic grove should be thawed out by the time you receive this newsletter. Come and enjoy the Lake Park!

Until Next Time,

Chief Orrissa Greenwald

World Famous Herring and Ham & Eggs Breakfast

World Famous Herring and Ham and Eggs Breakfast
May 17th Herring Cut Off Tuesday, May 12th
July 19th Herring Cut Off Tuesday, July 14th
September 13th Herring Cut Off Tuesday, September 8th
November 8th Herring Cut Off Tuesday, November 3rd


We are looking for volunteers to take the AED Course. We have an AED at the club and need volunteers who would be willing to learn to use and maintain it. The AED is an automated external defibrillator and will save lives.

If you are interested in taking the course contact Jim Smith at site #67 or call the office at 487-9305.


Designed and built by master stone mason Craig Lawergren with installation of the gas lines and mechanical work by Doug Sanders and Steve Worden. Pictured from left Doug Sanders, Orrissa Greenwald, Chief, Craig Lawergren and Steve Worden.

Unveiling new fireplace Stone carvun of Viking ship fire pit of new fireplace


The kids had a great time. The Easter Bunny came and read an Easter story. There were crafts and the egg hunt. We’d like to thank all the volunteers who made the day a success and a special thank you to the Easter Bunny. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE KIDS PICTURES ON FACEBOOK AT Vikings 65

Young boy dying an Easter Egg Young girl looking for Easter Eggs

Sportsmen’s News

19th Annual Sportsmen’s day Sunday, June 7th


Tickets include 2 drink/food coupons. Please consider purchasing the ticket that was mailed to you in April!!! or try to sell it!!! Please assist us in selling some tickets! For additional tickets for this All-Lodge fund-raiser contact the office at 487-9305, if you can sell a few tickets for us. Over the past 18 years the Fund-raiser has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to the Scholarship Fund and the Lake Park Improvement Fund. And we were only able to do it because of YOUR SUPPORT!

This is always a great day with chances to win many SPORTS RELATED PRIZES, CASH PRIZES that are held through the day. Additional select sandwiches, beer & soda available ALL DAY for only $1.50!



The Sportsmen’s Fund-raiser Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make our 19th Annual Fundraiser a huge success. First off all I’d like to thank the ticket buyers, those who assisted us in selling tickets and those attending the drawings. Without you we’d be nowhere. Thank you all volunteers who actually worked the check-in and drawings. Thank you Connie and her staff for their support. Thank you Boyd Schaffer for who provided the prizes and was there for the NICS checks. Thank you Gary Sorenson for handling the tickets and selecting the prizes. In summary, thank you everyone for your continued support and we’re looking forward to doing it all again for our 20th year next June.

Tim Fagerstrom