Ingjald Lodge #65

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Viking Lake Park.

Chief’s Message

Hej (Hello) Everyone,

Fall is here and the Holidays are near!

We had a busy summer at the lake. I’d like to “Thank” my husband Steve, the Past Chiefs, Connie, Viking staff, volunteers and members. All our club doings wouldn’t be what they are without you!

We’re having “Fall Cleanup” on Sunday, November 2nd. If you’ve done yours, we could use a hand. Election of Officers is here. We hope you all go and vote, and remember we’re always looking for new involvement. Come to a meeting, and see what the club is about.

We have plans for all season long, with Turkey and Ham raffles, Doppa I Gryta and Christmas Parties for the young and mature. If you are interested in using the club for your own party, call Connie and she can help.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Hope to see you at the club.

Talk to you later,

Chief Mindy


At the 10/16/14 Ingjald Lodge meeting the members regretfully voted to increase the dues by $1.00 per month. The local lodge dues have not been increased since 2008. The increase was necessary because of the rise in costs to keep our doors open and the club running, such as insurance, taxes, and utilities.

The last increase in 2012 was a Grand Lodge increase and all of that gets paid to the Grand Lodge.

Dues are due on January 1, 2015. If we have not received your dues by March 1, 2015 you will be charged a $10.00 late fee. If dues remain delinquent as of March 31, 2015 you will risk being expelled.


Your yearly dues and assessments for 2014 are listed on your card. Insured members may pay Quarterly. 2014 monthly dues and assessments times 3 months plus $3.00, or 2014 monthly dues and assessments times 6 months plus $6.00 or 2014 monthly dues and assessments times 9 months plus $9.00, or 2014 dues and assessments times 12 months plus $12.00.

Uninsured and Associate members must pay yearly and is $87.00 for 2015.

If paying by mail, please include your 2014 card and a self addressed stamped envelope for return of your 2015 card and receipt. Please include any change of address.

Mail to 214 North Main St., Jamestown, NY 14701.

Nomination of Lodge Officers

NOMINATIONS: November 6th and November 20th at the 8 PM Lodge Meeting we will be accepting Nominations for Lodge Officers. Come and run for an office, be a part of the decision makers, get involved! ! !

ELECTION OF OFFICERS will be held Thursday, December 4th from 4 to 8 PM at the downtown office.
Members who will be out of state on election day may cast an absentee ballot as follows:

1.) A member in good standing who will be out of state on the date of the Election can submit a self-addressed stamped envelope and upon completion of the Nominations, the Ballot will be mailed to the Member. The Un-Signed Ballot must be placed in a sealed plain unmarked envelope. The sealed plain envelope must be placed in a mailing envelope along with a copy of the Member’s paid up Membership Card and received by the Wednesday immediately preceding the on-site Election Date. Any deviation of the above will result in the invalidation of the ballot.

You may request your absentee ballet for the up coming election by mailing your request with a self-addressed envelope to 214 North Main Street. It will be mailed to you after the November 20th Meeting. You MUST follow the instructions in the above By-Law to have your vote count.

Notice to members sponsoring Associate Members

Ingjald Lodge has reached its legal limit for accepting Associate Members. All current Associate applicants have been placed on a waiting list to be notified for an interview when space becomes available. If you have questions concerning this please call the Lodge Office at 487-9305.
Thank you for your patience, Membership Committee

Breakfast with Santa 2013

Attention Parents & Grandparents: The House Committee is holding a pancake, scrambled eggs & sausage breakfast with Santa on December 7th at the Lake Park from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Santa will be arriving around 10:00 AM with gifts for all children age 10 and under who have registered. There will be Children’s Activities from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
All children and grandchildren (ages 10 and under) of Viking members may be registered with the form in the newsletter or by clicking here.
Animated Message to click here for Breakfast with Santa Form.
Breakfast is $6.00 for all adults and unregistered children. For all children who are registered, breakfast is FREE.
This event is pre-sale only so Santa’s elves can plan accordingly. Please register no later than November 25, 2014

Toys Donations for Breakfast with Santa

Toys donations for Santa to give out at the Breakfast are appreciated. If you wish to donate, a drop box will be located at the office and one at the Lake Park. Any unwrapped toys of an approximate value of $10 for kids from newborn to 10 years would be greatly appreciated. Any toys not used will be donated to the Salvation Army toy drive.

Gospel Rescue Mission Collection

The Vikings will be collecting can goods in the month of November and part of December at the club. This will be given to the Gospel Rescue Mission. If you wish to donate monies that will also be accepted.
Thank-you for your donations.

Red Kettle Drive

The Vikings will be participating in the Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive on Wednesday, December 3rd, at Tops Market on Washington St. Help is needed-contact the office

Kids Fishing Contest

Thank you to the Boat Club and Boat Club Members for the many donations. Also many thanks to those who helped during the contest: Terry Carlson, John and Dawn McNutt, John VanHorn, Reverend Ralph, Tom Martz, Steve Kosthorst, Randy Ecklund, Gary and Carla Sorenson.

7th Annual Clucks ’n‘ Bucks

The C’s & B’s Committee would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved; participants, volunteers and Club staff for their huge part in another successful C’s & B’s. Thank you Vice Chief for the fine day, weather wise. Thank you Ellington Vol. Fire Dept for the excellent chicken; Jim Chipman for announcing, Toots Porter for your continued efforts, Dave and Lori Watson for handling the tickets and Connie and her staff for the support throughout the entire day. Thank you volunteers at check in; those selling side raffles and those on the food line; for spending yet another Holiday working for the benefit of the Club. Most of all, Thank You ticket buyers for supporting your Club. I hope everyone had a great day and be assured all proceeds of the fund-raiser will be put to good use upgrading the facilities at the Lake. Tim Fagerstrom